Monday, October 12, 2009

Source: Angie "Couldn't Care Less" About Jen

Is it time the public (OK, mostly media) to stop dragging out this whole Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston faux love triangle? Jen got dumped for another girl—big deal, happens all the time and certainly in more places than just Hollywood.

But then that means we can't poke Jen with the lonely jabs anymore, huh?

Well, according to our supertight Brangelina and Jen pal, all of us are the only ones who never got over the famous 2005 dumping.

"Angelina really couldn't care less," fesses our source tight with the Pitt-Jolie brood, when we asked what would happen if Jen and Angie had a casual run-in.

"And Jennifer really has moved on. I promise you this."

Take moved on with a grain of salt, dare we say...

It probably just means she can see Jolie's face without hitting something now.

According to our lovely insider, we—OK, I—need to be a lot easier on Ms. Aniston.

"I promise you this—she is the nicest girl. Besides, she's got other fish to fry."

You mean other unavailable fish to fry, don't you?

"Well, she is a huge flirt. That's all, I'll say."

Especially with the gays. She's been incredibly gracious with me, always.

"Are you kidding? Look who she hangs out with!"

We assume our Brad/Angie/Jen insider was referring to Aniston's gay hairdresser, but we didn't ask for a list. Instead, we mentioned that Ms. A was still a nice run for Brad, dog-man as he may have been in the end.

"Yeah," our know-it-all concurred, "totally unlike Gwyneth, who, you know, is a total bitch."

God love Hollywood and its (truthful) cattiness! And like we didn't know Jen was a step up from pissy Paltrow.

Really, though, you guys be the judge:

Is it time to retire this famous love triangle?

After all, we know that Angelina is going to have Brad in her grasps for at least a few more years. Or is it minutes?


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  1. Awesome picture of the three of them. I really have no business reading stuff like this, but you are good! Keep writing!