Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can K.Stew Stop Paparazzi From Covering Her?

How can mags like OK! publish celeb photos without their permission? Kristen Stewart stated she's sick of herself in all the papers, can't she do something?

—Ana, Vancouver

As oppressed by paparazzi as your favorite Twilight stars may seem—barely able to sparkle in the sun, much less go out for a latte amid all that adoration—there is such a thing as the law.

In short, it protects freedom of expression—including news gathering and photography—from censorship by the rich or powerful. It may be stressful to be K.Stew right now, but it's not the media's job—nor, let's be clear, your job as a fan—to help her have a nice day. Especially given the profession she willingly chose and the wealth and influence it has afforded her.

So what can Kristen do, pinned down in Canada like she is? Behold, her own personalized siege strategy...

...and it isn't pretty.

Some stars can take a few simple steps and manage to disappear for a while.

They can leave town or take fewer roles. Julia Roberts certainly hasn't been so interesting to the paparazzi since moving to Taos and cutting back her workload. Staying married to the same person for a while also helps; nothing is more boring to a tabloid than a longtime relationship, right, Sarah Michelle Gellar?

K.Stew could also take extra care not to be photographed with rumored boyfriend-slash-costar Robert Pattinson, which has helped Scarlett Johansson keep a lower profile since marrying What's-His-Name, That Canadian Guy.

But seriously, none of that applies here. K.Stew isn't married. The Twi-hards have catapulted her into an almost uncharted level of scrutiny, and even though she has cut back on outings, she's still under siege.

So what are we left with?

Sadly, umbrellas. Seriously. Like I said, it isn't pretty.

"First, the biggest lesson is at the age of 19, be appreciative that you have fulfilled your lifelong dream," celebrity publicist Ronn Torossian of 5W PR tells me. "You will make millions, and someone other than your parents are taking pictures of you."

In other words, if you're whining, K.Stew, knock it off.

"Making the paps lose interest at this point will be tough," Torossian continues. "If she doesn't want pics, hire people to stand around her with umbrellas, as the Jonas Brothers have done."

Sadly and alas! Sometimes there's just no escape from fame.


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