Sunday, October 11, 2009

Micah Sloat Death

Micah Sloat Death, A horror movie made for a few thousand dollars may be creating a new blueprint for Hollywood’s financial future.

The film, Paranormal Activity, features an unknown cast and crew, and was made for the meagre budget of US$15,000. Yet, on the back of an inspired marketing campaign, and exponential hype, it has been selling-out US cinemas and is poised to outperform a host of starry rivals.

Already dubbed “one of the scariest movies of all time”, its success is drawing comparisons with The Blair Witch Project, the documentary-style film which in 1999 became the first viral marketing sensation of the internet era, returning a staggering US$250m against its US$60,000 budget.

The new film, a tale of demonic possession, made mostly on a camcorder, is gaining remarkable momentum in the run-up to Halloween. It represents a rare good news story in an industry bracing itself for cuts to budgets and star salaries, following a slew of redundancies among leading studio executives.


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