Sunday, October 11, 2009

Regina Spektor Fidelity

Regina Spektor, There were grueling months of requesting, calling, and emailing. There was letter-writing, cake-baking, dog-walking, and all sorts of other fictional brown nosing to get this interview. Finally, last weekend, our relentless team’s efforts paid off. Consequence of Sound got a chance to talk on the phone with the lovely Regina Spektor, our site’s “princess,” so to speak. I spoke to her for little more than 15 minutes, but in that time Ms. Spektor proved to be a genuine, good-natured person. Although an absurdly talented pianist and songwriter, she was pleasantly down to earth and ecstatic to talk about her upcoming musical. As she splayed out her feelings about her music, her eclectic take on religion, her new project and what she’s learning, it was easy to tell she holds all her experiences as treasures. She spoke with passion in a surprisingly soft voice; and gave her words a fantastic tone reminiscent of a grandmother’s fairy tales, told by a new young romantic. With girlish excitement and a charming ramble she described her thoughts, pausing for only seconds at a time, and in the end we had more of a conversation than a by-the-book interview.


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