Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bethenny Frankel Blogs About The Real Housewives of Atlanta: "If Kim's 29, Then I'm a Virgin!"

On the heels of a huge news week for the Bravo breakout star, Bethenny Frankel is back with her take on last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta. Take it away, Bethenny...

OK, Kim and Kandi are getting along like a house on fire. If you want a unique example of someone who had a reason to go on a reality show, the arrows point to Kandi. This will undoubtedly spark her career. She has talent which in her business is a dime a dozen. Proving it on the show gives her a leg up. Bravo, smart girl.

The NeNe and Kandi argument seems juvenile and really brings NeNe to the basement. Kandi CAN sing and she is everyone's favorite, so NeNe needs to pull it together.

NeNe's line about Kim being a low-down monkey with a wig on might be the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Regarding Sheree and Dwight's meeting, he was definitely trying to swing his thing around to try to appear to have vision and power. Skirting at a fashion show? Gross. That's more for a bar mitzvah or corporate speaking engagement. I also agreed with Sheree about a clean ponytail. He was coming from a place of "no" to seem important. He's hoping for more airtime and to blame problems on Sheree later on.

It's official: Kim can't sing. Is anything worse than someone being stupid and thinking they're smart? Perhaps someone who can't sing who thinks they can? What was fantastic is how positive Kandi and her team were. Very nice. Big points. She built Kim up and bottom line—she can produce a record that will sell. It is catchy and I wish them luck.

I loved Kandi's manager-mentor. I love when he said she had to come back better than, not equal to. I try to do that every day. I love that song "I Fly Above" and it is so perfect within this show. Lots of haters. Here, there and everywhere. As she said, "Let your haters be motivators."

How cute was Casey the seamstress with her endless "uh-ohs"? I think the garments are a work in progress and that the scene was just for dramatic effect. I know she'll turn out a nice show. I also think her girlfriend is the new housewife in town. Who's to go?

Is anything greater than Kim getting into a Phantom Rolls-Royce that costs three times what her house does? Priceless. Not like those candy apple breasteses. Those have a price in or popping out of that dress. If she is 29, then I'm a virgin.

I need a closeup of the ring. Anyone got any details? Shape? Size? She really must be able to suck the chrome off a tailpipe. Although looking at his picture, I might prefer the car part.

The birthday party was fun and drama-free. Kim does like to have fun, doesn't care and really wants to just boogie down with her friends. Is being married just a small technicality? You can be engaged while married, just not married while married? Got it. Maybe I'll watch some reruns of Big Love to clarify.

How the hell could Kim not come to Kandi's gig? How? How? How? That was brutal. I hope Kandi makes money on that album because she's not getting paid in friendship or loyalty. There better be a good excuse. Maybe her stripper bruises from her spill are acting up again. Not cool.

Ed and Lisa were very sweet. They are in love, they are friends, they are lucky and maybe they are having a baby! Until next week. Not much of NeNe last night. What was that about?

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