Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kary Ng wants bigger breasts

Yesterday Kary Ng was in Tsuen Wan shopping center for an autograph session, attracting 200 Fans to come support her. As Theresa was also at Tseun Wan for a promotion activities, the two are opponents. Kary said that she has not contacted Theresa lately and that their appearance at Tseun Wan around the same time is all a coincidence. She is not worried that she’ll get compared with the amount of Fans she has with Theresa, just if there are Fans supporting her, that is enough.

Kary’s new EP (KEEP BREATHING) has been selling quite well. She said that there are more opportunities for her to appear in public events. Yesterday she wasn’t dressed too sexily because she had to interact with fans and cannot be too sexy. Kary’s new image is fresh enough, she smiled and said that she felt that the album cover looks like a slimming ad. If there are opportunities for her to shoot breast augmentation slimming ads she will not reject them. Her principle is to not get any surgery, hoping her body figure line can be prettier and that her chest could be a little bigger then she is satisfied. Her contract with Gold Label is still under discussion, she said she has not had a chance to meet with Paco Wong yet because they are both very busy.

Source: 88news.net

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