Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashion Police: Desperately Seeking Taylor Momsen

First, digest the fact that Gossip girl Taylor Momsen attended the New York premiere of The Stepfather in this '80s goth-rocker number. Then remember that she was born in 1993.

It's difficult to get past the fact that this chick was only 10 when things like Kid Rock and energy drinks were becoming popular.

So sure, TayMo could be scuttling around Hollywood in low-rise jeans and tube tops, but somehow this Madonna-circa-1986 look—with the lace, the leather, and the glimmering cross—is what feels tacky, you know?

Like, wash off some of that banshee liner, girl! Before you know it you'll be 30 and sad you never embraced the exciting trends of the Millennial Era.

So slap on some Uggs and a cutoff skirt or something! If you're going to dress poorly, at least do it in this decade.


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