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Shilpa Shetty Reception Photos

Shilpa Shetty Reception Photos, Shilpa shetty’s wedding reception was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai on 24th evening.

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rekha, Farah Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Karan Johar, the Deols, Hritik Roshan, Sameera Reddy, Sushmita Sen, Salman Khan, Vijay Malya attended the function.

Shilpa Shetty was wearing a golden glamorous sari. The wrap of the sari was heavily sequined and embroidered. She was wearing a necklace with white and red colored stones and a matching set of ear rings and bangles. The bra was also heavily sequined and embroidered. Raj Kundra was wearing a black Sherwani and black trousers. Raj Kundra and Shilpa were all smiles and looked perfect love birds. Shamita Shetty was as sexy as ever wearing a revealing marine blue sari. Shilpa’s father was wearing a simple black suit and mother was wearing a pink colored sari.


Donny Osmond wins dancing with the stars

Donny Osmond wins dancing with the stars, Donny Osmond was crowned this season’s “Dancing With the Stars” champ, beating out underdog Kelly Osbourne may and season favorite Mya. And just what does Osmond win? Bragging rights and the coveted disco ball trophy.

The 51-year-old former teen idol described the season as “an emotional roller coaster” as he greeted the press after being awarded the mirror ball trophy.

Runner-up Mya added that she had no hard feelings toward Osmond. “He is such a professional and he is teaching us all how to do it properly,” she told People. “I have the utmost respect for him.”


Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Am Like Red Wine: Kareena Kapoor

MUMBAI: Kareena Kapoor plays a tormented girlfriend in Kurbaan opposite her real life beau Saif Ali Khan, who plays a terrorist.
was really confident of the script this time. Earlier, I have done films just for relationships, like I did Main Aur Mrs Khanna because my sister pushed me,” Kareena said with a smile.
In spite of her last film being a dud at the box office, Kareena is pretty pleased with her decision.
“Come on, it is just another film. If me signing a film makes someone happy, I would still do it. Thinking that if the film will be a flop or hit is passé now.”
Kareena’s heart has always ruled her decisions. Does that mean having Saif with her in the film helped her give the nod to Karan Johar?
“Kurbaan was something I would have done even if Saif was not a part of the film, and I am sure it’s the same for him too. It is a real and gritty film. It is one of my best roles, if not as good as Jab We Met,” she said.
She added, “I can never plot and plan my career or my life. I have always been spontaneous in all my decisions and it has ultimately paid off. It has helped me make some great decisions. I live life on my own terms and it has helped me be a better human being and make some great decisions.
“There is this fire in me, which will always be there. The passion for my work and my loved ones will continue burning.”
Talking about her lovemaking scene with Saif in Kurbaan, Kareena said, “It is a part of the film. When you watch it,
you will know this. It doesn’t stand out.”
Kareena said it is her emotional self that might have helped her play the various characters well. “I am sensitive and emotional but not foolish. I have learnt over the years, and have matured a lot. I know who is out to take advantage and who’s not. I am like red wine, which gets mature with time. As I grow older I will be more mature and a better human being, just watch out,” she says. “In fact, Saif will also grow mature with age,” she says as an afterthought.

Carrie Prejean S3xtape Stream

Carrie Prejean Sextape Stream updates, Carrie Prejean’s sextape stream is controversial. Carrie Prejean contends she was 17 when the sextape stream was made, making it child pornography. However new reports have surfaced that indicates that maybe, just maybe Ms. Prejean isn’t as honest as she makes herself to be.

Carrie Prejean had reportedly made a sextape, exposed her naked body and nipples. Sextape video does not involve someone else who had sex with him, but it’s just Carrie Prejean seen pleasuring himself. And appearantly, Carrie Prejean asserted that it was the video for “ex-boyfriend,” who is leaking. Oh!

Prejean said she made the video of herself when she was 17 years old and that it was for her long-distance boyfriend at the time. I was a teenager,” she said. “I cared about him. I trusted him. I think now they call it ‘sexting.’ Did I think it would come back now and haunt me? No. But I think that a lot of young people can learn from this. Nothing is private anymore. Nothing is private.” said Prejean.

Stephanie Pratt Pulls Out the High-Heel Defense in DUI Case

Stephanie Pratt might not be the brightest bulb, but she could be pulling out a novel defense in her drunken-driving case:

Don't blame the booze, blame the shoes.

With The Hills star MIA from court today, it was up to her lawyer to enter a not-guilty plea on her behalf to a misdemeanor DUI count stemming from her arrest last month.

Pratt, 23, faces up to six months in the clink and a maximum $1,000 fine if convicted. Attorney Jon Bryant Artz told the judge she is willing to serve a 30-day stint in live-in rehab, to avoid driving until she gets a valid license and to refrain from drinking to remain free on her own recognizance.

Outside court, Artz told E! News that Pratt was really pulled over for her tinted windows and, "There's no impaired driving or driving that indicates she was under the influence."

He also implied the reason Pratt may have biffed a field sobriety test was because she was having a hard time negotiating the course in her 4-inch-heeled boots.

Prosecutors, however, don't subscribe to the stiletto hypothesis. They say Pratt took two breath tests, one of which registered a blood-alcohol level of .09, a tick above the state's legal limit of .08.

Even though Artz claims Pratt wasn't liquored-up as she drove away from a birthday party for Hills costar Holly Montag, he insists she's toning down her party-hearty ways.

"She's trying one day at a time to do the right thing in respects to her life and facing whatever issues she may have," says Artz. "She's taking this case very seriously, and she's taking the issue of alcohol very seriously."

However, he declined to talk about her plans for rehab.

Pratt herself said she was putting down the bottle while putting in face time at a Hollywood club.

"It was a blessing in disguise," she said of her arrest while attending an Undrest party. "From now on, I'm going to be abstinent. The past month and a half has been so amazing. I am doing good, and I don’t want to change anything."

But when asked if she'd be interested in hooking up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Pratt demurred.

"I don't think I should because I did drive drunk...not drunk, but with alcohol in me," she said. "I don't think I am a great candidate for that. I think it is a great organization, but I wouldn't feel worthy enough to be a part of it."

Yeah, those PSAs aren't nearly as fun as The Hills, right, Steph?


Twilight Director Rewrites Robsten History?

Everyone knows by now that Catherine Hardwicke is crackers. She's got a mouth like Megan Fox, but we still love her, right?

She's always kept it interesting when we've spoken with her, and she certainly didn't disappoint in her recent interview with Time.

Cath says nothing went down between Rob and Kristen during Twilight, but confirms they're giving it a shot now.

Hmmm, you sure about that time line, babe?

Hardwicke dishes:

"After I cast him, I told Rob, don't even think about having a romance with [Kristen]...She's under 18. You will be arrested."

Interesting. What legal guru is whispering in Catherine's ear? She continues telling Time she doesn't think anything went down on her watch.

"I didn't have a camera in the hotel room, I cannot say...but in terms of what Kristen told me directly, it didn't happen on the first movie. Nothing crossed the line while on the first film. I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, OK, I've got to give this a go and really try to be with this person."

This isn't the first time C.H. has outted Robsten as Robsten. Over the summer she spilled how she'd seen Rob and Kristen's fascination with each other from the first time they were getting it on for Rob's audition.

Catherine also told us she totally approves that Rob and Kristen are a real-life couple now.

So what gives on the hush-hushing of what went down during the first film? Maybe Hardwicke doesn't really know. Hell, we don't even really know specifics, but well-placed sources that were on set of Twilight told us "something" was going on between R and K during filming.

The whole underage thing is a huge factor in why no one would want to blab about that. Also, Kristen was in a relaysh at the time, so no one wants to think of Rob as a homewrecker. But at the end of the day, we can tell you Robsten were developing during this whole friggin' first movie.

Rental car romps? Secret hotel room love confessions? Or just intense intellectual conversation? Maybe we'll never really know, but we can say Twilight was where Robsten started heating up.

So for you 25 percent who said Rob and Kristen's hand-holding pics weren't proof enough they were dating, does Hardwicke's most recent interview convince you at all?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Katrina Hodge Miss England

Katrina Hodge Miss now England :- Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge has become the new Miss England after Rachel Christie stepped down following her arrest over an alleged nightclub brawl. A statement from Miss England organisers said Rachel Christie, 21, had stepped down as she wanted to concentrate on clearing her name.

Miss Christie became involved in a dispute with another beauty queen, Miss Manchester, aka Sara Beverley Jones, at a Manchester nightclub earlier this week. It was later announced that Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, who was first runner-up in the 2009 national contest, has become the new Miss England. L/Cpl Hodge has been given leave from her duties as a soldier in the British Army and will represent England in the Miss World Final in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday December 12. She was previously given an award by her unit in the Royal Anglian Regiment for her actions during a posting in Basra and has earned the nickname “Combat Barbie”.


New Moon McNuggets: Rock Hard Nipples, Wolf-Pack Tats & Strange Superpowers

Dakota Fanning loves being evil! The New Moon wolf pack tattoos might turn into the real thing for some of the actors! And the leader of the Volturi wishes he had a very...unusual...supernatural ability.

If you haven't already, check out full pieces on that romantic devil, RPattz, and his tabloid (at least) sweetheart, KStew. And then move on to a roundup of all the stuff you should know about today's day-long press conference promoting New Moon.

So just what does Michael Sheen wish he could do? Well…

  • When asked what supernatural power he'd like to have, he replied, "I would like to have the power to always look like I'm three centimeters to the right of where I am. I do have that power.
  • Dakota Fanning loved being an evil tiny vampire of the Volturi clan in New Moon. "The highlight of playing Jane was getting that costume, and the red contact lenses. I was really exciting about that, and getting to play an evil character."
  • She's also obsessed with baby names, "with what people name their children," she explained. "Just, like, friends, anybody. I know a lot of people's baby names, I have been planning the names of my children since I was four."
  • The four actors who play members of the Wolf Pack are mulling getting real Wolf Pack tattoos after the final film in the Twilight saga wraps. But Taylor Lautner? "I don't know," he said. "I will have to think about that; I will have to discuss it with my pack."
  • The Wolf Pack also revealed Lautner's stealth talent: "He took us bowling" during filming in Canada, one wolf said. "He's an amazing bowler."
  • As for Pattz, he boxes in his time off, Lautner revealed today.
  • Fame brings out the crazy in strange people. Here's a story that Kristen Stewart shared about her recent promotional trip to South America. Pattz was in Japan at the time. "This guy was chasing after us ... this one fellow was like, ‘Where is Hobart? Where is Hobart?‘ And he was distraught and irrational, and I was like, 'It's Robert!'"
  • It was so cold during the outdoor scenes that the cast of the ever-shirtless Wolf Pack came up with some pretty interesting running gags. "That we should have a cutting glass business," one wolf pack member revealed. "Our nipples were rock hard."

TMI? Of course not! This is the Twilight saga we're talking about.


LMAO! Jessica Alba Is a Funny Friggin' Focker

Just because Jessica Alba isn't the most smiley, happy-go-lucky starlet in Hollywood that doesn't mean she's not a load of fun.

Teri Polo, one of Alba's costars in the upcoming Little Fockers, insists Ms. Alba loves a good laugh…

"She loves to be funny," Polo told us at last night's BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards. "I also think she's a very shy person who perhaps people perceive as a certain way…We get along just great."

So why does she get a rap for being a sourpuss? Polo explained...

"I think some people have a certain preconception and are intimidated and don't approach them properly," Polo said. "So then why would that person come out of their shell? You just kind of have to prod them along and then they just come right out."

And Alba's mommy side also brings out the fun.

"Her little baby Honor has come to set and run around," Polo said. "And my baby girl who's almost two comes to set and runs around…Lots of gals, which is nice."

Another Fockers star, Robert De Niro, wasn't as chatty. But he's De Niro, and it's not often we get to talk to the legend...

"The kids are great," he said of the flick. "We're still just at the beginning. It's only been a few weeks. But it's great."


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lisa Foiles Photo

Lisa Renee Foiled (29 September 1986) is an American actress who has appeared on stations popular 7.10 in the Classic Nickelodeon series All That. She and three other cast members (Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena, and Kyle Sullivan) were the only members through last seasons 7-10. He also guest-starred on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle as Mallory, the female version of Malcolm. On 2 August 2009, Lisa married Joel Brink.


Paris Steps Out Solo, but Things "Great" With Doug

Although Paris Hilton left Doug Reinhardt home last night and attended the Jimmy Choo for H&M party with her family, the two are still going strong.

And what about that incident between the couple on Halloween night where P's phone ended up getting tossed out of their limo?

Her rep says things got blown out of proportion.

"There was never a choking incident," the heiress's rep tells E! News of paparazzi shots supposedly showing Doug's hand on Paris' neck. "The photographs show Doug asking Paris not to go back outside and to calm down.”

So why was her phone thrown out the window by Doug in the first place?

"Doug had thrown Paris' phone to a friend inside the car, and it went out of the window by accident," says her rep. "Paris was annoyed with Doug because she was afraid that the paparazzi would get her phone. The whole event has been blown out of proportion by the paparazzi."

In the end, one pap reportedly did find her phone—and kindly returned it for some good karma points.

There's no hard feelings on Paris' part. After the party last night, where M.I.A. performed for guests like Hayden Panettiere and Rashida Jones, Paris headed over to Doug's house.

The duo was even snapped puckering up while the shutterbugs clicked away.

Guess all's well that ends well.


Maggie Grace Not Confirmed to Return to Lost

Update, 10:24 a.m.: An ABC spokesperson confirms that there is no deal in place for Maggie Grace to return to Lost at this time.

Poor Boone! Looks like he's still sisterless for the time being.

Despite recent reports that Lost's hottest bikini-wearer ever, Maggie Grace, is coming back to the ABC cult fave, I am now told exclusively that Maggie has not yet signed on to return for the final season.

A rep for the actress tells me: "It has not been confirmed that [Maggie] is returning [to Lost]. She has been asked, but nothing more than that."

So does this mean she is the Lost "holdout" I've been teasing for a few weeks?

Confession time: Yes, Maggie was the Lostie I was referring to when I wrote the blind item about a "holdout" among the original cast who had been offered a return to the series but had not accepted. Reliable inside sources tell me Maggie is the only original castmember who was asked a couple months ago to come back to Lost and opted not to return. (We know from Harold Perrineau himself that he has not yet been asked.) Multiple sources--including Maggie's rep--confirm that Maggie has not yet shot any new scenes for the final Lost season.

However, according to her rep, Maggie has a very good reason for not yet coming back to Lost: "She did three movies back to back to back and just got back from filming last Thursday."

Maggie certainly does have a lot going on these days on the big screen—she's playing Cameron Diaz's younger sister in the Tom Cruise flick Knight & Day, Adrien Brody's love interest in The Experiment, and she was just honored on Thursday by Variety as one of "10 Actors to Watch."

Still, something tells me I'm not the only fan hoping Maggie can clear some time in her busy schedule to return to Lost island. Or more accurately, I should say to Oceanic Flight 815.

(Psst...That's your cue to holler in the comments if you feel the same.)

Meanwhile, for those of you who've been asking why the awesome new Lost promo shows nothing of the new season: I'm told by insiders that producers have asked that not a single new frame be shown before the series returns. Not a one. Things are that hush-hush. And hopefully that good.

What do you think about Maggie returning or not returning to Lost? Comment below


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Miss Asia 2009

Miss Asia 2009, Discover the magnificent 20 delegates competing for the 21st Miss Asia 2009 title. The final will be held in Hong Kong on 1 November 2009.
The 20 delegates were selected through 4 local competitions in Hong Kong, Macao, China and Taiwan.


I Wish Shahid Kapoor Well: Kareena Kapoor

I Wish Shahid Kapoor Well: Kareena Kapoor, Speaking of former, while most of our B outsiders budge when questioned about her past love, ex-boyfriends, etc. Well I Kareena Kapoor Shahid Kapoor.
Kareena Kapoor is a girl who is honest and open about it. At least not openly deny the relationship (like some of our beauties often), or pretend that met jab nothing really happened.

That’s the cool girl Kapoor for you. Recently, during an exclusive interview with zoom, when asked if she is in touch with Shahid Kapoor, without seeming even remotely embarrassed by the question, said: “No, we are in contact. Shahid and I share a wonderful relationship the past, the least we can do is the desire of each well. At least I know I can do my part. “Bebo is so dear, right? We see a head nodding now.


True Blood: Make Way for More Lesbian Vampires!

Move over, Queen Sophie-Ann!

There may be more lesbian vampires coming to True Blood.

Series creator Alan Ball recently told the Advocate magazine that he could imagine Eric's toughass sidekick, Pam, getting in on some girl-on-girl action.

And now Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam, tells us she's up for it…

"I wouldn't be surprised," Bauer said at last night's Bow Wow Beverly Hills benefit for the Amanda Foundation animal rescue. "I think she's pansexual."

In fact, Bauer already has a ladylove in mind: Ginger, the Fangtasia waitress played by Tara Buck.

"There are so many hot ones, but I'll pick Ginger," she said. "Ginger's hot. Ginger's fun. She's a screamer and she's a blood donor."

Hopefully, Ginger will stick around longer on the HBO series than she does in the original Sookie Stackhouse novels that True Blood is based on.

"I've been reading the books because I heard that Ginger died," Buck said. "I was very upset and I needed to see if it happened. And in book four, it happens!"


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Comments on Salman Khan: Katrina Kaif

No Comments on Salman Khan: Katrina Kaif, However, the city had no complaints about the ek are doing badhkar phenomenon. If Salman Khan was the most wanted man on Friday, appealing to the press, like moths to a lightbulb, Katrina left us wanting on Monday. For those who take stock of where dazzling, it is not assumed that funding ajab ka ghazab only helped to finance projects.

And it is this unwavering faith invested in his histrionics and a New York that changed things for her. “New York surprised many. That I was willing to look beyond the beaten was a clear signal to the outside. In New York, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Dan and Dana Rajneeti, I made a mix of roles,” says Katrina.

Clearly the “good cinema” (read those who are “creative satisfaction) is what you do. And Ahab … lend itself to simplicity. And she was living by his wits sharp shooting with Ranbir Kapoor. But she was not intimidate him in the joint if it was true that Ranbir alleged? Katrina vehemently denies, “I am not a bully. I want to kill you for saying that.” But he quickly adds: “I’m saying after saying I am not a bully.

“Katrina is all praise for her co-star Wake Up Sid stirring a slow race otherwise the films at the turnstiles.” Ranbir was very good. Konkona was equally good, “says Katz, with caution.

Always on the ball, it comes as no surprise that Katrina having dethroned queen peers who is also the new queen of approval, which by its actions to increase dramatically. “We’ve grown in the marks. There have been some that I wanted to endorse. I’ve been plain lucky that some have come my way. There is little left to conquer,” she ribs. Like the character of Priyanka in Fashion, would be destabilizing if she were to wake up one day to find “someone younger dethrone her?” Does not bother me, “she says, undeterred.

In fact, Katz is so brash management company-now the rumors of her relationship with Salman Khan. “I do not react to rumors,” says Katrina, saying that the more plots, most likely are others to reach conclusions.

She has no difficulty even talking about the nonsense surrounding their cameos in films. About his role as guest star in blue or appearances by Salman is in Ahab … , Explains, “Salman has never really given much thought to his career. He always thinks with his heart. I agree that sometimes you need to do things for friends. You must do what one feels at that moment in time. “One approach that has not disappointed so far. A visceral reaction has come to depend.


Kate Gosselin Trading Bandwidth for Band-Aids?

Kate Gosselin may be smarter than we thought.

Just in case that big movie career doesn't pan out, the reality TV maven is making sure she can still provide for her 8.

TLC's top draw claimed on Monday's TV special that she was keeping up her credit hours just in case she had to go back to her original occupation, giving tender loving care as a nurse. She wasn't kidding—her nursing license was renewed with the Pennsylvania Department of State that very day!

See the certificate

Should she decide to scrub in, she'll have until Halloween 2011 before she has to renew it again. She was first issued her nursing license in 1997 after earning a degree in nursing studies from Reading Hospital and Medical Center, where she worked before having all those kids.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kary Ng wants bigger breasts

Yesterday Kary Ng was in Tsuen Wan shopping center for an autograph session, attracting 200 Fans to come support her. As Theresa was also at Tseun Wan for a promotion activities, the two are opponents. Kary said that she has not contacted Theresa lately and that their appearance at Tseun Wan around the same time is all a coincidence. She is not worried that she’ll get compared with the amount of Fans she has with Theresa, just if there are Fans supporting her, that is enough.

Kary’s new EP (KEEP BREATHING) has been selling quite well. She said that there are more opportunities for her to appear in public events. Yesterday she wasn’t dressed too sexily because she had to interact with fans and cannot be too sexy. Kary’s new image is fresh enough, she smiled and said that she felt that the album cover looks like a slimming ad. If there are opportunities for her to shoot breast augmentation slimming ads she will not reject them. Her principle is to not get any surgery, hoping her body figure line can be prettier and that her chest could be a little bigger then she is satisfied. Her contract with Gold Label is still under discussion, she said she has not had a chance to meet with Paco Wong yet because they are both very busy.


Crowd Lu escapes an accident crash

During filming for a music video in his upcoming new music album, Seven Days, Taiwanese indie singer, Crowd Lu, was nearly involved in an accident while driving towards one of the gardens in Taipei. His car tires were punctured when he bumped into one of the pot-holes on the road surface and started to spin out of control.

As the car was heading towards the 20m protective railing near the beach, the driver started to reduce the speed of the car and prevented the situation from turning into a disastrous car accident.

Unfazed by his near-accident encounter, Crowd continued with his optimistic performance for his title track, “Oh Yeah”. The 24-year-old singer also invited his juniors, room mates and fellow classmates from Tamkang University to star in his latest music video.

Crowd appeared visibly pleased with his popularity amongst friends and schoolmates. His attempt to revisit his varsity memories were aptly shown in the music video which was shot at various corners in the school for example, the library, a bus and the hostel.

An ex-roommate of Crowd exclaimed that the biggest advantage from knowing the singer would be the free singing sessions they get to listen to at his place.

It is not easy for singers to juggle between their studies and work as Crowd grimaced, “As there are too many things, I am unable to attend classes as there are too many things There are some consequences but I really do not have a choice.”


Erika Sawajiri’s divorce was a must for comeback

“I used to think that it would take a man like Tsuyoshi Takashiro to handle someone as strong-minded as Erika, but I guess that wasn’t the case,” comments a close friend of Erika Sawajiri. A month has passed since the termination of her contract, and Sawajiri has made no public appearance since.

In the meanwhile, rumors have spread that Sawajiri, 23, is expressing discontent about her husband to those around her. According to the aforementioned source, Sawajiri used to have great respect for Takashiro, 45. “If he suggested getting a Mac computer, she would get one for her own use. She’d install all the software and always listened to music of her husband’s preference. It was as though she would do anything he told her to. But her attitude changed shortly before the contract termination. ‘These days I often feel as though something is just not right about him’ was what she told me.”

Before the couple was married, Shukan Post was at a club event in autumn of 2007 where Takashiro, with Sawajiri in tow, was DJ. It did appear at the time that Sawajiri always remained a step behind Takashiro. To each and every person he would introduce her to, Sawajiri spoke with deference and bowed her head many times, which left a lasting impression.

Shukan Post has reported previously of the gap between the media projects ostensibly credited to Takashiro in his work portfolio and the facts. As his wife, Sawajiri must have been aware of the discrepancies. “Erika had this admiration for the kind of relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and married Takashiro because she saw him as sophisticated and felt he could ‘better’ her. Once they started living together, I guess she found out that wasn’t true – like she woke up to reality. I once mentioned something negative about his DJ work and his clothing, and she actually agreed with me,” adds the friend.

Sawajiri is currently staying in Europe, and her comeback to show business is nowhere in sight. But an executive of an entertainment management company claims that there still is a possibility provided that she divorces Takashiro.

“Prior to her termination, there was some talk about transferring to a different agency that’s more music-oriented, involving an offer of several hundred million yen. Nothing came out of it apparently, but the recent events pretty much have proven that her husband is the problem. Negotiations might resume if she agrees to sever her ties with Takashiro.”

According to an entertainment journalist, it is “common knowledge” that problems arise when a man gets involved in the career of an actress or female show-biz personality. In fact, one of the reasons for Sawajiri’s contract termination had to do with Takashiro’s use of his wife to promote a certain fashion brand without the consent of her agency. Needless to say, her former agency must have considered Takashiro as a nuisance in view of their business.

The rumored marital rift and the requirement to divorce her husband as a condition for her comeback… What decision Sawajiri will make remains to be seen.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Shilpa Shetty Engagement Photos

Shilpa Shetty engagement photos with Raj Kundra is here. Shilpa Shetty became engaged to her boyfriend Raj Kundra on Saturday October 24 at the apartment of 7 soil Raj Kundra in Juhu, Mumbai. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty & Big Brother winner was hired in a ceremony that was very private affair with only close friends and family members attending.

Given the good omen of the day according to Hindu calendar, the couple decided to go ahead with the ceremony without her sister Shamita Shetty is in Big Boss 3. The wedding will be in December in Mumbai, and a reception in London.


Yeehaw! Matt Damon, Josh Brolin Get Gritty

Matt Damon's family emergency appears to have found a happy resolution—and not a moment too soon. After the briefest of Damon dry spells, he's back to fulfilling all of our paparazzi-catching, movie-acquiring needs.

Wasting no time getting back in the saddle, the Oscar winner is in talks with Josh Brolin—who knows from both Academy Award nominations and Westerns himself—to star in a reimagining of the iconic 1969 cowboy flick True Grit (which, incidentally, earned John Wayne his only Oscar).

According to Variety, the duo would star alongside Jeff Bridges in the Joel and Ethan Coen flick. Should discussions turn to done deals, it would mark a reunion for everyone but Damon; the brothers Coen previously toiled with Bridges The Dude on The Big Lebowski and clocked hours with Brolin on the Academy lovefest No Country for Old Men.

The remake would follow Damon and Bridges joining forces with a teenage girl to track down her father's killer; Brolin would play the bad guy. The testosterone-heavy flick is due out in late 2010.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

I’m Big Fan of Kareena Kapoor: Katrina Kaif

MUMBAI: I’m Big Fan of Kareena Kapoor: Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif goes ga ga over Kareena and their bonds. Recently granted an interview to a news channel Kat became emotional when talking about his friend. Not many people know that both the vivacious actress also shares the same manager.“She is very nice girl and I like and their work. Even shares a manager and I am a big fan of it,” says Katrina.

There have been news in the industry about the cold war, but with this statement of Kat, which is putting all rumors to rest. Kareena Kapoor was the undisputed queen of B-Town, as in regard to price. But Katrina Kaif started competing with her at all times: with the price, the number of films and records.

“Every time we meet one that speaks to me very well and I also love your company. I really admire as one of the great actress in the industry,” he says in the interview for the entertainment channel.

As for this claim seems that the cold war between the two actresses is over. All’s well that end’s well we can say in this case.


Katrina Kaif and Deepika are Heading for a Showdown

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are directed to a face to face. Although the two actresses who have never worked together, there is no love lost between them, thanks to rumors Dippy boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor proximity to Kat during the filming of Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Gajab.Deepika had frankly admitted to feeling insecure about their relationship, when rumors about her boyfriend’s fondness for Kat were doing the rounds. But the rumors failed Kapoor Kat-off, like the tension between the two actresses.

Until now. Recently, the B-Town has been abuzz with rumors about her fondness Dippy Calling hero Karthik Karthik, Farhan Akhtar. Om Shanti Om She believes that these rumors are floating by Katrina, which had fallen on a visit in the day he set filming an intimate scene.

, Says a source close to Katrina: “Suddenly there were stories about how Deepika and Farhan had great chemistry and how they sizzle together, that chemistry was not such, even with Ranbir. It’s easy to find out where these stories began to circulate from .

Deepika also feels that Katrina is behind the recent reports about his struggle with Ranbir. The source adds: “Katrina was present at the party where it was very visible Shabina Khan, Ranbir and Deepika had a fight. It was a small group, and they were all friends, so it has to be Kat who spread the news.” To be fair to Katrina, it is not known to interfere in the affairs of any other actress.

If you do not get along with an actress, she just keeps its distance. What happened during the race with Bipasha. There was also some tension with Kareena Kapoor, but now they are friends. In fact, Kat is an actress who has no problem with his contemporaries.

A source close to Kaif question: “What can possibly get through the dissemination of stories about Deepika? She is not the kind of person to resort to slander. Someone is creating a misunderstanding between them.”


Star Trek's Uhura: Ready to Take Her Shirt Off Again

Beam us up, Scotty!

Zoe Saldana says she's on board to start filming the sequel to this summer's blockbuster megahit Star Trek.

"We're working on it," Saldana, who plays Uhura in director J.J. Abrams' revived sci-fi franchise, tells me. "They were calling to see where we were going to be and how my schedule is next year."

She smiled, "Just that was worth me doing a cartwheel when I got the phone call, because I cannot wait to put on the suit and go back to the Enterprise, take my shirt off and be with all those yummy guys."

For those who can't wait that long for more Saldana, we've got Avatar coming up. Yes, she's seen director James Cameron's much anticipated flick, in which she stars as Neytiri…

"Just last Friday, I went to Fox and Jim was able to show me scenes along with [composer] James Horner's music incorporated in it," Saldana said. "O-M-G is all I'm going to say."

She was willing to share more about The Losers, an indie that its filmmakers are hoping to take to the Sundance Film Festival.

"I play a toughass broad—sort of like a viper, snaky girl," Saldana said. "Guys find it really sexy when they see a girl hanging from wires with guns. They even like it more when there's a girl-on-guy fight and it looks like she's kicking his ass.

"Jeffrey Dean Morgan was such a gentleman," she added with a laugh. "He was like, 'Zoe, you can kick my butt any day.' "


Khloé, Fellow Kardashians Willing to Get Hit in the Face for Charity

Could Khloé Kardashian be the next million-dollar baby?

Well, depends on how badly someone wants the chance to beat the stuffing out of her.

The newlywed, sister Kim, brother Rob, stepdad Bruce Jenner and Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott Disick, are gearing up for next month's Kardashian Charity Knock Out, in which all five will spar with whoever kicks in the highest bids to try to keep up with a Kardashian (or Jenner or Disick) in the boxing ring.

"My first initial thought was 'Are you serious?!'" laughed Khloé, recalling to E! News how she felt when she first heard the idea. "But then I slowed my thoughts down and heard it was for charity. So I started asking questions, but I was still nervous.

"I mean, who willingly wants to get hit in the face with others watching?"

She makes a valid point, which is why she and Kim are headed to the gym to work out with Oscar De La Hoya's former trainer on Monday.

But why go outside the fold when Khloé's already married to a guy whose career relies on being in tip-top shape?

"I wish!" the recently slimmed-down star replied when asked via email if she's been getting any good fitness tips from NBA star hubby Lamar Odom.

"I am filming [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] season four right now so we're taping 18 hours a day, six days a week. I wish I can work out right now. But Lamar has the best work ethic! I hope he rubs off on me.

"I can't wait until taping is over because then I'm going to be Lamar's workout buddy," she added with a smiley face.

As for her upcoming physical challenge, which will be taped for the upcoming season of Kardashians, just how much reality are we to expect when she gets in the ring?

"This is the real deal!" Khloé promised.

And because it's the real deal, each contender will go through a rigorous screening process—background check, psychological evaluation, etc.—and no professional or amateur boxers are allowed.

Each bout will be same-sex, and the Kardashian sisters and the guys will be matched with opponents of similar age and proportions.

And, of course, no one's check better bounce.

Go to for details about the bidding process. The Kardashian Charity Knock Out takes place Nov. 3 at the Commerce Casino in L.A.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glee Star Gets to Nail Old Madonna

When Dianna Agron told us recently that she was going to be singing a Madonna song on an upcoming episode of Glee, our first hunch was "Like a Virgin."

After all, she does play pregnant high school cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

But we were wrong…

We're told that Agron will be covering that other very appropriate song "Papa Don't Preach," Madge's classic tune from 1986 about a young woman telling her dad that she's expecting a baby that she intends to keep.

Agron didn't want to give too much away, but she did gush, "When do you stop listening to Madonna? I went home for Thanksgiving last year and we had a bunch of family friends and family over.

"Somebody put on a string of three Madonna songs and the boys were more into it than the girls," she continued. "It was hysterical, like something out of a movie."

Or out of a TV show.

We also broke the news to Agron that television impresario Joss Whedon will be directing an upcoming episode of Glee. "That's incredible," she said. "We were all jonesing for it. I think they had to find the time and the place…I'm so excited."And so are we.


Can K.Stew Stop Paparazzi From Covering Her?

How can mags like OK! publish celeb photos without their permission? Kristen Stewart stated she's sick of herself in all the papers, can't she do something?

—Ana, Vancouver

As oppressed by paparazzi as your favorite Twilight stars may seem—barely able to sparkle in the sun, much less go out for a latte amid all that adoration—there is such a thing as the law.

In short, it protects freedom of expression—including news gathering and photography—from censorship by the rich or powerful. It may be stressful to be K.Stew right now, but it's not the media's job—nor, let's be clear, your job as a fan—to help her have a nice day. Especially given the profession she willingly chose and the wealth and influence it has afforded her.

So what can Kristen do, pinned down in Canada like she is? Behold, her own personalized siege strategy...

...and it isn't pretty.

Some stars can take a few simple steps and manage to disappear for a while.

They can leave town or take fewer roles. Julia Roberts certainly hasn't been so interesting to the paparazzi since moving to Taos and cutting back her workload. Staying married to the same person for a while also helps; nothing is more boring to a tabloid than a longtime relationship, right, Sarah Michelle Gellar?

K.Stew could also take extra care not to be photographed with rumored boyfriend-slash-costar Robert Pattinson, which has helped Scarlett Johansson keep a lower profile since marrying What's-His-Name, That Canadian Guy.

But seriously, none of that applies here. K.Stew isn't married. The Twi-hards have catapulted her into an almost uncharted level of scrutiny, and even though she has cut back on outings, she's still under siege.

So what are we left with?

Sadly, umbrellas. Seriously. Like I said, it isn't pretty.

"First, the biggest lesson is at the age of 19, be appreciative that you have fulfilled your lifelong dream," celebrity publicist Ronn Torossian of 5W PR tells me. "You will make millions, and someone other than your parents are taking pictures of you."

In other words, if you're whining, K.Stew, knock it off.

"Making the paps lose interest at this point will be tough," Torossian continues. "If she doesn't want pics, hire people to stand around her with umbrellas, as the Jonas Brothers have done."

Sadly and alas! Sometimes there's just no escape from fame.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Katrina Kaif in Hera Pheri 3

Katrina Kaif in Hera Pheri 3, Producer Firoz Nadiadwala is relieved. The third part to the Hera Pheri series is finally set to be made. The third part will have Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal coming together yet again. This time, the heroine of the film will be Katrina Kaif and it will be directed by Anees Bazmee, unlike the previous two films that were directed by Priyadarshan and Neeraj Vohra respectively. The film will be called Hera Pheri 4 instead of 3. The reason for doing so will be given in the promos of the film when it is ready. Akshay Kumar was earlier having date issues but he managed to fit in Hera Pheri into his schedule anyhow. Meanwhile, he is going to be seen with Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal.


Ranbir, Deepika Not on Speaking Terms

Ranbir, Deepika not on speaking terms , Bollywood’s hot couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is in the news for all the wrong reasons once again. The sources say that they are not on talking terms after fighting for a couple of days. They didn’t even attend Karan Johar’s show. They were spotted at designer Shabina Khan’s bash but everyone present could sense the rift between them. It is said that the problem started, as Deepika thinks Ranbir isn’t committed towards her. Confirming the news a daily quoted a source as saying, “Everyone knows that Neetu, Ranbir’s mother, never really approved of Deepika after which she decided to draw back”


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cameron Diaz, Myers banned from Twitter

LONDON: Latest news and updates about Cameron Diaz, Myers banned from Twitter, Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers are being banned from using the social networking website ‘Twitter’, as studios fear that they will unwittingly reveal secret details of their film projects.

Studio bosses think that Twitter addicted stars are damaging the industry by leaking information on the site,which has more than 2 billion followers around the globe, reported Sun online.

To deter the actors, studios are now inserting clauses in their contracts forbidding the use of such networking sites.

Stars affected include Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers,who are due to make the next film in the superhit ‘Shrek’ franchise, next year for Dreamworks Studio.

The move comes after American Idol judge Paula Abdul dramatically resigned this year on Twitter, while ‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox was branded “dumb as a rock” in a cyberspace row.


Everybody—Including William Shatner —Hating on Heenes After Balloon Blowup

We're not sure if anyone was in cahoots with the Balloon Brood, but we're starting to get a long list of those people who aren't, right William Shatner? What do you say, Jimmy Kimmel?

With the local Colorado authorities on the hunt for possible coconspirators—including those with a Hollywood pedigree—in what they claim was a major publicity stunt gone way wrong, people can't distance themselves from the Heene family fast enough.

Those about-facing from the Heenes include Britain's RDF Media, a television production company that confirmed to E! News it was once working with the Heene clan on a possible reality show, a connection RDF now adamantly claims was long dissolved prior to Balloongate.

"At one point in time, we had a show in development with the Heenes," a company rep said.

Had being the operative word.

"We are no longer in active development with the family. Like everyone else in America, we were stunned and held our breath while the events unfolded, and like everyone else, we are extremely thankful for the fact that Falcon is safe with his family."

It's RDF that first loosed the family onto the unsuspecting airwaves, thanks to the company-produced Wife Swap, on which the Heenes appeared in March.

Among those also not working with the Heenes...

TLC, which obviously has experience with nonexemplary parental figures.

The family-friendly cable net was one of the outlets Richard Heene pitched his would-be reality show to prior to launching his Jiffy Pop contraption, but a rep says TLC ultimately passed on the idea.

And not a moment too soon.

Same goes for the creator of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Relativity Real CEO Tom Forman tells TMZ that Heene pitched his reality-show idea to him a week after talking to TLC—yet the "liar" swore that he was giving Forman first dibs.

Meanwhile, William Shatner has no interest in boldly going where no celebrity has gone before—into business with Heene.

"His story is overblown," the Emmy winner told E! News about a supposed conversation he had with Heene about hosting a show. "He's inflated the amount of contact we've had."

Heene's former video editor, Vincent LeGrow, had said that the two men spoke. The storm chaser produced an instructional video for kids in 2001 about building forts out of cardboard boxes and, according to LeGrow, Heene had grand aspirations for his fledgling production company.

A rep for Jimmy Kimmel also confirms to E! News that the late-night host met with Heene to discuss a TV project about storm chasers in 2006.

"He begged for money from Jimmy Kimmel," Heene's former business partner, Perry Caravello, tells E! "We all sit down in Kimmel's writing room and Kimmel listened to him for less than five minutes and then said, 'You know what? There was somebody else I had a meeting with who had something similar to what you have going on and I gave them $2,500 for putting my name on their rocket. Have a nice day.' Kimmel knew he was full of b.s. and that it was something stupid."

It also looks like the Heenes shouldn't expect any muffin baskets from the neighborhood association anytime soon.

"They probably will have to move," a neighbor tells E! News. "No one is going to hire him for jobs now. A lot of people are really mad at him. They don't have a lot of friends."

Heck, even the ACLU isn't touching this one, with the organization issuing a statement today refuting a misstatement by Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden that it was representing the Heene family.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shilpa Shettys Marriage Delayed Again

MUMBAI: Shilpa Shettys Marriage Delayed Again, They were supposed to marry this month. But the Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra wedding has been postponed again because of the lack of a suitable wedding venue.

This month, after Shilpa timetable for its only waiting Bollywood film, The Man with Sunny Deol, is canceled for the third time, Shilpa and her boyfriend Edgar Kundra decided to finally officially married. A source close to Shilpa says, “Raj and Shilpa decided that this was a good time to get married. Coordination of its outputs with those of Ramirez for a wedding planned in advance seemed longer and more difficult for Shilpa. They decided to marry in the first available
opportunity. It was not just an obstacle, the venue. ”

Apparently not a classy place was available only in Mumbai during this wedding season. The source said, “Raj and Shilpa had decided that the wedding would be in Mumbai and not in London. Ideally, he would have liked to have him in their new home in Juhu, but is not ready yet. The couple did not want to delay your plans more wedding.

A frantic search began for a suitable alternative site. Shilpa says, “I do not know where you heard this. All I will say is, Raj and I are ready for marriage. Nothing prevents us from taking the step, except the right time. Once it is in place, let’s get married .


Bollywood actors celebrate Diwali

Mumbai, Oct 18 : Bollywood superstars, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar celebrated Diwali with family and friends here on Saturday.Shah Rukh Khan did not disappoint hundreds of his fans who had gathered outside his residence Mannat to catch a glimpse.

He came out on the terrace of his residence and waved to the people and wished them.

Akshay Kumar was seen celebrating the festival of lights with his wife and son.

Kumar thanked his fans for appreciating his work in film 'Blue' that got released on Diwali only.

'I would like to thank all people who appreciated my film 'Blue' and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Diwali,' he said.

Deepavali or Diwali is a five-day festival, celebrated across India on Kartik Amavasya (the new moon day), in Kartik month as per Hindu almanac.

Legend has it that Lord Rama entered Ayodhya on this day after 14 years in self-exile. People of Ayodhya lit lamps to welcome Lord Rama''s return, and hence Diwali is observed.


Neetu Singh Likes Deepika a Lot - Says Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have been together for quite sometime now, but it was quite obvious that Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh had not accepted Deepika with open arms. Now, it seems that everything is fine between the two ladies in Ranbir’s life and Neetu Singh has finally approved of her son’s choice.

Ranbir cleared all the anticipations at a press conference when he talked to the media persons saying that his mother liked Deepika a lot and started blushing when talking on this topic. She did not shy away from talking about his love life. He confidently answered to all the question of media. Even when he was asked about the marriage Ranbir clammily replied that it will happen at the right time.

However, the time at present is not right, it seems. Both of them have just entered Bollywood and are at the peak of their careers. Deepika’s last release was ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and Ranbir is receiving rave reviews on his latest release, ‘Wake Up Sid!’.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mysterious Maladys: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar's Pilot Dead at HBO?

Sarah Michelle Gellar's personal life is going swimmingly—her daughter Charlotte was born last month—but her career has been seemingly trapped in professional purgatory for nearly a decade now.

SMG was supposed to break out of those doldrums in 2010 with the premiere of a sophisticated new family comedy on HBO, but that prospect is now looking dim.

The pilot for the series in question, The Wonderful Maladys, about a family of eccentric geniuses not unlike the Royal Tenenbaums or J.D. Salinger's Glass family, was filmed in May, and there was every hope that after SMG wrapped her maternity leave this fall, production would begin on Buffy's return to series television.

So why did Gellar fans around the world hear the sound of brakes screeching earlier today? Here's what we know: (a online clearinghouse for any and all news even marginally related to Joss Whedon's projects) reported this afternoon that a Gellar fan by the name of temponaut had gone out to do some Internet-based shoe-leather reporting about the fate of the series, and returned bearing bad news.

When temponaut asked Gellar's Maladys costar Nate Cordrry via Facebook about the status of Wonderful, Cordrry said, "Didn't get picked," and the pilot director Alan Taylor reportedly messaged temponaut the same bad tidings: "Sadly...the rumors are true. WM will not be going to series." (Cordrry, Deadwood babe Molly Parker and SMG were set to play the series' titular wonderful Malady siblings.)

However, when contacted by E! News for confirmation that The Wonderful Maladys would not be going to series, an HBO rep said, "[We're] not able to confirm that one."

A rep for Maladys creator Charles Randolph did not respond to a request for comment on Friday afternoon.

So...mystery. Can the people on the Interwebs be trusted? Is HBO just letting Maladys down gently, hanging on to their option until the last possible minute? If that's the case, perhaps both HBO and creator Randolph should consider just ripping off the Band-Aid—being done with it hurts less in the long run, we swear.

That said, is HBO aware that dumping SMG's return to TV before it even airs is, well, crazysauce? Don't they know she practically started the 21st-century vampire-romance frenzy that is now sustaining their network in the form of True Blood? Not to mention that Maladys is one of those rare pilots with ultra-good buzz that everyone believes is destined for public acclaim and big ratings. Why squander such potential?

This story is developing, so check back for updates.

Do you want to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in an HBO show? And what's your take on the industry obfuscation about the fate of The Wonderful Maladys?


Madonna & Jesus' Dinner Cruz With Penélope

Talk about dinner under the stars.

Madonna and her much younger hottie boyfriend, Jesus Luz, were spotted just the other night having dinner at Mr. Chow on 57th Street in New York City with Penélope Cruz and her maybe-fiancé Javier Bardem.

And that's not all. Eva Mendes also joined them for the evening.

So what did the group enjoy (besides the company)? Chicken satay and Beijing duck. While most of the group sipped adult drinks, Cruz appeared to be having an alcohol-free night. "They were loud and laughing," an eyewitness tells us.

They wrapped things up after about two hours.

What other celeb couple scoop do we have for you? Read on for dish about Mel Gibson and his baby mama as well as newlywed Mandy Moore's plans for kids…

CITY SLICKER: Mel Gibson, having dinner at famed steakhouse Peter Luger in Brooklyn, N.Y., with pregnant singer-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. "A family of tourists was at a table nearby and the three young daughters came up to his table for autographs," an eyewitness says. "He was very nice."

KIDS R US?: Mandy Moore, telling us at the opening party of L.A.'s Madison & Diavolina boutique that she and hubby of seven months, Ryan Adams, plan on having kids. "Life is good," she said, adding, "I'm sure somewhere down the road, somewhere in the future…it's in the cards for us."

McSHOPPER: Eric Dane, picking up some groceries at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills.

HANDY MA'AMS: Anne Hathaway and Audrina Patridge, getting manicures and pedicures (separately) at Recess-LA Nail Spa in West Hollywood.

FRANCY PANTS: Cold Case star Kathryn Morris, getting her hair done at Prive Salon LA by stylist Kareen Boursier, for a photo shoot for French magazine Télé 7 Jours.

THAT'S AMORE: Michael Bolton, getting a standing ovation by singing in Italian at the Alfred E. Mann Foundation Gala in Santa Monica, Calif.

ASIAN PERSUASION: Nicollette Sheridan, dining with a mystery man at New Asian restaurant Sunda in Chicago.

RETAIL THERAPY: Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, shopping at The Limited pop-up shop in NYC's SoHo area.

WORKING IT OUT: Kim Kardashian, doing an early morning workout session at Barry's Bootcamp in West Hollywood.

HIPPIE CHIC: Ciara, shopping at Intermix in West Hollywood, sporting a pair of Robin's Tie Dye Jeans.

GIRL POWER: Mary J. Blige, performing at the New York Women's Foundation's Stepping Out & Stepping Up event.

STYLE SPLURGE: Melrose Place's Katie Cassidy, shopping at L.A. boutique Intuition.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, enjoying a leisurely lunch of chicken satay with a girlfriend at Philippe West Hollywood.

: Joel Madden and Annalynne McCord are among those being honored for their charity work at the Noble Humanitarian Awards on Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira and Aly Weisman


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's Executors Have Poor Taste in TV Dance Shows

Hey, remember earlier this summer when Michael Jackson died and So You Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe asked Janet Jackson's old choreographer Paula Abdul to participate in a Jackson-dance-tribute episode of SYTYCD, but then someone Jackson lackey put the kibosh on the whole thing?

No, you don't remember? Well, that happened, and at the time of the rejection, Lythgoe told reporters, "We put the music through to Sony and said, 'Sony, can we clear this music?' Yesterday, we got a note back—whether it's Sony or the [Jackson] family estate, I don't know—but they would not clear the music for us. It's very sad...for some reason, we can't do the show."

Well, it turns out that the kibosh was just temporary, because next week another popular TV dance series, ABC's Dancing With the Stars, is putting on a show dedicated to Jackson's fancy footwork. Read on to find out why Jacko's team went with DWTS instead of with SYTYCD (the show that totally called first dibs!) and why that was the wrong call...

Even though they threw over SYTYCD earlier this year, the decision makers in charge of Jackson's estate have granted permission for ABC to use three of Jackson's songs in a Dancing With the Stars tribute to the performer, set to air next Tuesday, Oct. 20.

All of the season nine DWTS professionals, including Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Anna Demidova, Tony Dovolani, Chelsie Hightower, Derek Hough, Kym Johnson, Alec Mazo, Jonathan Roberts, Lacey Schwimmer, Edyta Sliwinska, Karina Smirnoff, Anna Trebunskaya and Louis Van Amstel, are set to participate in the tribute.

But here's the thing: So You Think You Can Dance would have done a better job. The DWTS professionals are almost all trained in ballroom dancing but don't necessarily have any experience performing anything resembling Jacko's unique and eclectic style. Meanwhile, SYTCYD features Wade Robson, who is universally acknowledged as Jacko's dance-floor heir apparent. SYTYCD has the previously mentioned Paula connection (by way of singing corporate cousin American Idol). SYTYCD is a better freaking show, with better production values, better direction and better stagecraft. To be perfectly frank, the SYTYCD kids are also younger and cooler than the folks on DWTS, and therefore more in touch with the spirit of M.J.'s best work.

Yes, DWTS has higher ratings, and that's no doubt why Jackson's reps chose to grant performance rights to Stars, but we're damn sure that if Jacko were alive today, he'd be hiring his backup dancers out of the SYTYCD troupe before he even glanced sideways at someone from DWTS.

Think DWTS is the perfect place for a Jackson dance tribute? Think our preference for SYTYCD over DWTS is snobby, stupid, unfair, partial and inappropriate? Well, we have a comments section, and you know what to do with it...