Saturday, October 24, 2009

Khloé, Fellow Kardashians Willing to Get Hit in the Face for Charity

Could Khloé Kardashian be the next million-dollar baby?

Well, depends on how badly someone wants the chance to beat the stuffing out of her.

The newlywed, sister Kim, brother Rob, stepdad Bruce Jenner and Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott Disick, are gearing up for next month's Kardashian Charity Knock Out, in which all five will spar with whoever kicks in the highest bids to try to keep up with a Kardashian (or Jenner or Disick) in the boxing ring.

"My first initial thought was 'Are you serious?!'" laughed Khloé, recalling to E! News how she felt when she first heard the idea. "But then I slowed my thoughts down and heard it was for charity. So I started asking questions, but I was still nervous.

"I mean, who willingly wants to get hit in the face with others watching?"

She makes a valid point, which is why she and Kim are headed to the gym to work out with Oscar De La Hoya's former trainer on Monday.

But why go outside the fold when Khloé's already married to a guy whose career relies on being in tip-top shape?

"I wish!" the recently slimmed-down star replied when asked via email if she's been getting any good fitness tips from NBA star hubby Lamar Odom.

"I am filming [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] season four right now so we're taping 18 hours a day, six days a week. I wish I can work out right now. But Lamar has the best work ethic! I hope he rubs off on me.

"I can't wait until taping is over because then I'm going to be Lamar's workout buddy," she added with a smiley face.

As for her upcoming physical challenge, which will be taped for the upcoming season of Kardashians, just how much reality are we to expect when she gets in the ring?

"This is the real deal!" Khloé promised.

And because it's the real deal, each contender will go through a rigorous screening process—background check, psychological evaluation, etc.—and no professional or amateur boxers are allowed.

Each bout will be same-sex, and the Kardashian sisters and the guys will be matched with opponents of similar age and proportions.

And, of course, no one's check better bounce.

Go to for details about the bidding process. The Kardashian Charity Knock Out takes place Nov. 3 at the Commerce Casino in L.A.


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