Friday, October 9, 2009

America's Next Top Model Fierce Juice: Drink It Up!

Whew—Bloody Eyeball lives!

Based on the reality-show ratio of camera time to elimination, Nicole's departure seemed certain in last night's America's Next Top Model. The Gollum look-alike let her crazy flag fly (even more than usual), terrifying even choreographer Benny Ninja.

In the end, though, Nicole's "stoner" voice, disappointing photo shoot and horror-show dance routine didn't even land her in the bottom two. Going home instead was, ironically, a professional dance instructor—and the girl Tyra Banks discovered in her studio audience, whom we just chatted up today for scoop... Ashley.

"I had so much going on in my head that maybe a blood vessel burst and I went flat," she told us after last night's ousting. "I didn't think I would do so poorly that I would get eliminated."

Ashley was harshly criticized at panel, with Tyra saying, "You pulled down the girls [and were] very poor." Ouch. But it was Miss J who called in the keyboard cat with this poetic sendoff: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: She needs the model fierce juice that is such a must."

Joining Ashley in the bottom two was nasty Kara, who had the nerve to say in the house, "I'm not a big fan of Nicole...She's awkward, slow, and she'll just make a fool out of herself with every five words that come out of her mouth." Boo!

At least Ashley is still rooting for Nicole—despite comparing her to the 7-year-old children she instructs. "They can't listen; [it's like] they have ADD...Nicole is all in her own category."

Tyra said Nicole "lost all [her] magic," but we think she's enchanting. So does Ashley, who tells us: "I'm rooting for Nicole to win!"


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