Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dia Mirza Wants To Kidnap Brad Pitt

Actress Dia Mirza was in town recently and she seemed to be in a pretty candid mood.And pata hai what Dia revealed to the people around? “I simply love adventure. In fact, I’ve raced my car a lot of times, and even got a bashing for it,” she laughed. And no, she didn’t stop there and went on to say, “Being kidnapped sounds like fun, I’d love to be kidnapped.” And when we quizzed her as to whom would she like to kidnap, pat came the reply, “Brad Pitt is the most gorgeous man on earth, I would like to kidnap him. I’d lock him up and grill him with questions,” confessed Mirza.

We then turned to VJ Manish, who was also present there. Besides animated expressions and a whacky hairdo, he also sported a very blingy jacket. “I love bling!” he said. And talking about his career, he said, “I’m also doing movies now!” Well, from commercials to jockeying to B’wood, he seems to be on the right track!


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