Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Erika Sawajiri’s divorce was a must for comeback

“I used to think that it would take a man like Tsuyoshi Takashiro to handle someone as strong-minded as Erika, but I guess that wasn’t the case,” comments a close friend of Erika Sawajiri. A month has passed since the termination of her contract, and Sawajiri has made no public appearance since.

In the meanwhile, rumors have spread that Sawajiri, 23, is expressing discontent about her husband to those around her. According to the aforementioned source, Sawajiri used to have great respect for Takashiro, 45. “If he suggested getting a Mac computer, she would get one for her own use. She’d install all the software and always listened to music of her husband’s preference. It was as though she would do anything he told her to. But her attitude changed shortly before the contract termination. ‘These days I often feel as though something is just not right about him’ was what she told me.”

Before the couple was married, Shukan Post was at a club event in autumn of 2007 where Takashiro, with Sawajiri in tow, was DJ. It did appear at the time that Sawajiri always remained a step behind Takashiro. To each and every person he would introduce her to, Sawajiri spoke with deference and bowed her head many times, which left a lasting impression.

Shukan Post has reported previously of the gap between the media projects ostensibly credited to Takashiro in his work portfolio and the facts. As his wife, Sawajiri must have been aware of the discrepancies. “Erika had this admiration for the kind of relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and married Takashiro because she saw him as sophisticated and felt he could ‘better’ her. Once they started living together, I guess she found out that wasn’t true – like she woke up to reality. I once mentioned something negative about his DJ work and his clothing, and she actually agreed with me,” adds the friend.

Sawajiri is currently staying in Europe, and her comeback to show business is nowhere in sight. But an executive of an entertainment management company claims that there still is a possibility provided that she divorces Takashiro.

“Prior to her termination, there was some talk about transferring to a different agency that’s more music-oriented, involving an offer of several hundred million yen. Nothing came out of it apparently, but the recent events pretty much have proven that her husband is the problem. Negotiations might resume if she agrees to sever her ties with Takashiro.”

According to an entertainment journalist, it is “common knowledge” that problems arise when a man gets involved in the career of an actress or female show-biz personality. In fact, one of the reasons for Sawajiri’s contract termination had to do with Takashiro’s use of his wife to promote a certain fashion brand without the consent of her agency. Needless to say, her former agency must have considered Takashiro as a nuisance in view of their business.

The rumored marital rift and the requirement to divorce her husband as a condition for her comeback… What decision Sawajiri will make remains to be seen.

Source: 88news.net

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  1. why erika, why you married him... =[

    file a divorce pls =[