Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kangna Ranaut Ruins Her Face

MUMBAI: Indian woman have always fantasized having a perfect figure and face as the heroines adorning the silver screens. But what happens when the same heroines ruin their priced possession, their face, to petty uplifting surgeries.

First it was Koena Mitra whose face upliftment surgery made her look frightening enough to scare away producers from signing her for their films and now it’s Kangna Ranaut.

Yes you read right. This pretty lady also went under the knife to get a lip job done but came out looking appalling!

Kangna was recently spotted in Bandra on a shopping adventure. But when the shutterbugs crowded around her to get her close pictures they were shocked. The area around her lips was swollen and she looked awful. Something similar to female version of Hanuman….pst pst!

We wonder what made Kangna go for such a horrible makeover when she was doing pretty fine with her ashen face.

Source: apakistannews.com

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