Monday, August 3, 2009

Mothership Zeta DLC Release Time

Bethesda Softworks previously announced that their next DLC expansion for their hit RPG Fallout 3 would be titled Mothership Zeta.

Today the company released more info about the mini-expansion and as you might guess it’s all about aliens coming to probe your character’s . . . er, body. The expansion will be made available for download on August 3 via Games for Windows Live for 800 Microsoft points (about $10).

The storyline has your character finding a crashed alien spaceship in the Capitol Wastelands. The problem is that the aliens are still around and beam you to their orbiting mothership. Your goal is to explore the ship, get to the bridge, and escape. Of course the aliens and their robot drones have other plans. New weapons like the Alien Atomizer, the Alien Disintegrator and the Drone Cannon will be used along with new outfits and of course new enemies. Mothership Zeta is the last of the downloadable expansions that Bethesda Softworks has announced for Fallout 3 but there’s every possibility that more could be in the works.

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