Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lindsay Cops a 'tude: How Lohan Can You Go?

Talk about high maintenance! Here's how Lindsay Lohan repaid a good Samaritan who tried to return her cell phone: She called the cops.

According to gossips at the New York Daily News, Lohan reportedly left her celly on a deli counter in Little Italy. When a clerk ran out to the street and knocked on her cab window to ask if it was her phone, she said yes.

But before he handed it over to her, he asked her to verify the number since there had been many customers in the place. When she couldn't, and perhaps miffed that he didn't recognize her, she tried to grab it out of his hand. When she failed to snatch it away from him, she reportedly said, "I'm calling the police! I'm going to arrest you for not giving me my phone!"

A friend of Lohan's called 911. When the cops arrived, the clerk handed them the phone. After the police verified it was her phone they returned it.

"I was just trying to be honest. Now I have police and trouble already," the deli guy said. "Who is she? Is she a star?"

Well, we think she used to be.


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