Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ekta Choudhary For Miss Universe 2009

The Miss Universe 2009 pageant is just a few hours away. As we prepare to tune in to witness Miss India Ekta Choudhry compete for the crowning
glory at the pageant in Bahamas, her mother Rita Choudhry is also busy praying for her daughter.

Talking exclusively to TOI, Rita says, “I spoke to Ekta sometime back today; she was a little tired and was planning to get some sleep as she gets hardly any time to rest. It’s a big day for Ekta and I’m sure she will really do well. She is a very confident child and is not at all nervous.”

Though Ekta’s parents will not be with her at the Bahamas as she competes for the Miss Universe 2009 crown, her family’s best wishes are with her. Her mother says, “Though you can’t predict anything, my husband and I, our friends and family, everyone is praying for her. We are really looking forward to seeing Ekta at the pageant. I have told Ekta not to lose her cool and answer the questions thoughtfully. I have also advised her to keep chanting Gayatri Mantra as it will give her strength.”

Ekta may miss seeing her parents’ faces in the crowd at the pageant, but her friends are making sure they will be there to cheer her on. Says Rita, “Some of her close friends have already reached Bahamas to attend the Miss Universe pageant and cheer up Ekta. She was really happy to see them, even though she could only meet them for 10-15 minutes because of her hectic schedule.”

Several Indians are also turning up in full force to back Miss India at the Miss Universe contest, “The other day Ekta told me that 60 people from the Indian community would be there at the event to cheer for her. She said all of them are very friendly. I even spoke to one of them and he told me, ‘Madam you please don’t worry. It’s okay if you are not in Bahamas with Ekta at the moment; we are here to support her and will take care of her as family’.”

“I saw the videos of preliminary competition; even the people of Bahamas were cheering for Ekta when she came on stage. This is all very touching. I wish we could also attend the pageant. I wish Ekta all the best. May God Bless her,” Ekta’s mother concludes.


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