Saturday, June 20, 2009

16 and Pregnant Farrah

I’m addicted to this show. It’s a sad situation, young girls getting pregnant and not knowing what to do. I’m a little skeeved out about watching these girls have their lives taped and I wonder what benefit they are getting from allowing this to happen. Is it they don’t want others to wind up pregnant? Or is it their 15 of fame? I dunno, but whatever it is, it keeps me watching.

This week, we meet Farrah who’s pregnant by a guy she describes as “jealous and immature,” and yet he’s the babydaddy?? These girls are choosing real gems for daddies as witnessed by Maci and Ryan from last week’s episode.

What I find fascinating, is that the baby’s daddy only has is voice heard and never appears in the episode. I’m sure if you knew Farrah, you knew who it was but I wonder what he’s doing now? I’m sure he probably was sitting at home when this episode aired tonight and his phone was probably blowing up from people calling him. Like him or not, he contributed half of the DNA and has some rights to the baby. Let’s pray he doesn’t use Sophia as a pawn to get Farrah back.

What’s shocking about these girls too is that how shocked THEY are by others’ reaction about their situation. Farrah was ticked that people were talking about her being pregnant. Like DUH!!! These are high school kids. Of COURSE they are going to talk about how this popular girl got pregnant.

Farrah also had a hard time at home too. Her Dad seems cool but it’s her control freak mom that’s an issue. It’s clear that Farrah was looking for love and wound up getting pregnant but her mom and her icy glance of death probably didn’t help matters any. She tried to control Farrah and look what happened.

The only humanity she showed was when she stayed with Farrah during Sophia’s birth. Otherwise, she was a ice queen throughout the whole episode.

I’m hoping that Farrah can get a job and get the heck away from this woman otherwise, she might wind up like the grandmother from this book.


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