Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Jackson Son Omer Bhatti

Omer Bhatti michael jackson, Omer Bhatti is suspiciously considered the forth child of late Jackson and no one knows the complete truth about this surprising issue. Omer has a very much resemblance with the Jackson’s third child whose name is Blanket.Jackson has three official children but many news papers and his personal life tells us that his life was full of scandals especially sex scandals and due to these reasons many times he had to go to the jail and there is a chance that this news will be the true one if we keep the old life of Jackson in front of us.

Omer Bhatti was brought up in Norway but he spent his most of the time with Jackson where he used to play with Jackson’s three children. He also used to be photographed while playing with his children and at that time he was just 12 of his age. When bhatti met the Jackson at the first time, Jackson alleged to be the father of Bhatti in 1996. So bhatti should be the forth child of Jackson. Many features of bhatti and forth child of Jackson are similar as they have same type of hair color, eyebrows and some other facial features. Omer was granted a special place in the family of Jackson. Omar bhatti is recently trying to become a successful singer like Jackson.

The truth that whether Omar is the forth child of Jackson or not, Omar is willing to conduct his DNA test and after that all reality will be in front of people.


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