Friday, March 16, 2012

Mallika Sherawat item number over the Oscars

Though actor Mallika Sherawat was one of the few to be invited to the Oscars, but Madam M is flying back to aamchi Mumbai because she has to shoot for an item number for the movie Tezz.
I wonder why did produc­er Ratan Jain had to pick the same day as the Oscars to shoot his song? But guess what, MS is still smiling, and is ready to sac­ri­fice her Oscar mo­ment for Jainji who stood by her dur­ing the making of Hisss.
The smile, I'm told, has now turned into a hearty chuckle as our Mallika-e-Azam, who was sitting pretty in New York, was told that she was supposed to be already in India. Now since she doesn't have a body dou­ble and was still in the Big Apple, she's wondering how she was "spotted".

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