Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carrie Prejean S3xtape Stream

Carrie Prejean Sextape Stream updates, Carrie Prejean’s sextape stream is controversial. Carrie Prejean contends she was 17 when the sextape stream was made, making it child pornography. However new reports have surfaced that indicates that maybe, just maybe Ms. Prejean isn’t as honest as she makes herself to be.

Carrie Prejean had reportedly made a sextape, exposed her naked body and nipples. Sextape video does not involve someone else who had sex with him, but it’s just Carrie Prejean seen pleasuring himself. And appearantly, Carrie Prejean asserted that it was the video for “ex-boyfriend,” who is leaking. Oh!

Prejean said she made the video of herself when she was 17 years old and that it was for her long-distance boyfriend at the time. I was a teenager,” she said. “I cared about him. I trusted him. I think now they call it ‘sexting.’ Did I think it would come back now and haunt me? No. But I think that a lot of young people can learn from this. Nothing is private anymore. Nothing is private.” said Prejean.

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