Thursday, May 28, 2009

Katrina-John running for cover?

John Abraham and Katrina Kaif called up journalists on Tuesday night begging them not to carry a story linking them. But reports appeared this morning after the stars, who are acting together in New York, were ignored. One report added that the Salman-Katrina relationship was already over and had been for some time.

But who leaked the story to the papers? That is what Katrina and John do not know and are worried about. There was so much detail that it could only have been an insider.

One paper reported this morning that Salman had confronted Katrina with her phone bill, asking to know why she had so many calls and messages from John. The actress is said to be terrified of Salman and literally pleaded with the journalists to hold the story.

One journalist, who decided not to publish it, spoke of how desperate both stars had been in wanting the story kept under wraps. Katrina has now switched her phone off and calls to her were going into voicemail. John was also inaccessible. Salman and Katrina have not been seen together for months. The last time Salman was at the same place as her was in March at Amrita Arora’s wedding in Mumbai.

That night, Salman left the party alone, driving off in an autorickshaw. There had been no talk of a breakdown in their relationship then. John and Katrina are acting for the first time together in New York, and the movie is ready for release. Produced by Yash Raj and directed by Kabir Khan, the movie is waiting for the end of the producers strike against multiplexes. Given the cynicism of Bollywood, insiders were wondering whether the stories had been planted in time for the release.

However, a source in Yash Raj insisted that the film was not the reason for the story being leaked. “We don’t need this, we’re YRF,” he said, referring to the initials of the company, which is Bollywood’s biggest production house, “we don’t need such publicity.”

The reports claimed that a furious Salman had ordered Katrina’s things out of his Bandra house. But this was deflected by people in the know, who said that Salman and Katrina have never lived together. “Katrina doesn’t live here and she never has,” said a source in the Khan family.


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