Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now, I Want to Win Miss Universe Title: Ekta Choudhary

MUMBAI: Ekta Choudhary “Dreams do come true,” gushed the 22-year-old Delhi girl Ekta Choudhary after winning the Miss India Universe crown. Now, she’s set her sight on the Miss Universe crown.

Way back in 1994 when Sushmita Sen was crowned the Miss Universe, Ekta, a young girl then, got her first spark of inspiration.

“That was the first time when I realized that I too want to be there in this profession,” Ekta tells a news agency, adding that she approached the beauty pageant in a planned way. To get familiar with the industry she has been modeling for the last two years and today when she’s won the coveted tiara all the planning seems to have paid off.

Having reached the goal she had set for self, Ekta is now aiming higher.

“Now I want to win the Miss Universe title as I have raised a lot of expectations both for my family and my country. I just want to make everyone happy by bringing the crown back home. So preparations for that will start very soon,” Ekta is quoted as saying by a news agency.

Speaking about her win at PFMI, Ekta said though she was “very very excited” before the pageant, she recited Gayatri mantra to stay calm and never lost the belief in herself.

“I always believed in myself. I feel that my honesty played a pivotal role in my victory because I always speak my mind and what I believe in,” Choudhary told the agency.Admitting that her life has changed overnight after she won the pageant, the Delhi girl said her priority now is to clinch the Miss Universe crown.

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