Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is Shah Rukh less Intelligent Than Aamir Khan

MUMBAI: Now people are in debate, is King Khan less intelligent than Aamir Khan? As we know Shah Rukh Khan is always known to make people laugh with his jokes.

Not only this sometimes he mocks himself to make others laugh, though sometimes his humour is not only directed at others.

Well, this time, King Khan has reveled that he’s less intelligent than his Bollywood rival Aamir Khan. Talking to the media with Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh reveled this ‘truth’.

Both the Khans of the industry SRK and Aamir came together for a meeting with Mulitplex owners, SRK was at his usual witty best.

When Shah Rukh Khan was asked by a journo, whether, he got together with Aamir only for this cause, he said, “We’re mature, intelligent people, I’m a little less intelligent than Aamir, but our camaraderie is really a non-issue right now. There are bigger things that need attention.”

“It’s nice to sit on the podium together, it’ll be nice to sit in a car together, it’ll even be nice to do a film together,” King Khan replied when he asked whether, he would be agree to do a movie with Aamir Khan.

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